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8ele vertical circle array - The introduction
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Thursday, 01 July 2010 18:58

Beginning in 2009, I spent lots of time to build up my new antenna for my home qth in jo10os. I took me the last years summer to put all the radials in the garden - I will document the set-up in detail here on my website>
See you on 40m - at the moment testing, but still some work to be done...


How to compete on 40m without having a tower?

While I found at my contest station, that you can compete with a good vertical array, if you have excellent ground conditions, I was not sure, whether verticals would be effective at my home qth. Here at home (jo10os), 60km south of my contest place (jo11of), I don't have the elevated steel roof of 2000m2 and no saltwater. It is almost a flat area, with relatively good takeoff in most directions, but the ground conditions for verticals seemed to me questionable. Also I have lots of trees ant plants in the garden, so I didn't know, how a vertical array will behave in between a garden with so many trees...
Although many questions arose, I decided to give it a try with building the ultimate vertical array - a full-size 8-circle array for 40m. I started with the antenna building begin of August 2009, during summer holiday - the following steps had to be taken:
- decide the best position within the garden for the verticals
- place wodden poles to fix the verticals
- roll-out of the radial system
- building of the vertical elements
- building of the vertical fixation mechanics
- pre-testing the first vertical against my low inv-V dipole
- cutting 3/4 wavelength 75 Ohm coax cable for exact electrical length
- set-up of all 8 verticals and tuning to resonance
- tuning of element currents and phasing
- testing and first experience
- audio files

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